Who we are?

Safety House is a humanitarian non-governmental, non-profit organization concerned with sustainable development. It was established in Turkey in 2017. It works for the common good and lends a helping hand to the needy without any distinction based on race, ethnicity, or religion.


An interdependent society where no one is in need


Safety House is an organization dedicated to helping displaced refugees, forced migrants and disadvantaged people all over the world. Our priority is identifying and fulfilling their needs and advocating their rights through organized and continuous activity. Safety House Organization aims at empowering communities mainly by providing educational and vocational training courses and promoting sustainable development projects so that individuals and communities would be able to reach self-sufficiency. Safety House Organization seeks to play an active role in building and developing communities and shedding light on their needs.


Serving Humanity


Integrity – Sympathy - Transparency - Independence and neutrality – Collaborative working – Humanity


1. Supporting the needy and empowering them to reach a state of self-sufficiency and self-dependence.

2. Taking care of orphans, displaced refugees and the needy and promoting their projects

3. Providing medical services and assets and raising awareness about health issues.

4. Supporting and developing the educational process and spreading cultural awareness.

5. Activating the role of women in society.

6. Contributing to the process of reconstruction and community building

7. Alleviating social and economic suffering and promoting social solidarity

8. Preserving the environment and protecting its vital resources and raising awareness about environmental issues

9. Coordinating and cooperating with all associations and organizations with which we have the same vision and goals.

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