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Beekeeping Project

About the project:

A project aimed at sustainable development in order to secure job opportunities for skilled beekeepers. The main products of this project is Organic honey, Bee Pollen, Bee Wax, Royal Jelly, Propolis ا

Project Objective:

1- Promoting cooperation, coordination and solidarity in the community since each forty bee hives will be handed to 3 families

2- Production of high quality honey

3- Training the community on beekeeping and raising awareness about honey and its benefits for health and how to make an income from the sale of bee products

4- Sponsoring 4 families annually out of the project revenues

5- Providing an income generating activity for 16 families.

Project site:

Turkey, Antakya

Project budget:

186.560 $

Target group:

1- Number of direct beneficiaries of the project is 11 families
2- Number of indirect beneficiaries of the project is 1800 person

Project completion rate

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